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Cybernetic Revolution

Cybernetic Revolution

Cybernetic Revolution
Release date 17 August 2005
Booster release 16
Card number format CRV-EN
Cards in series 60
Common 35 (8:1)
Rare 14 (1:1)
Super Rare 7 (1:6)
Ultra 4 (1:24)

Machine Monsters conquer the Duel in Cybernetic Revolution. You can side with the Vehicroids, a fleet of mighty machines, or with the “Cyber Dragon’s”, who attack quickly and ferociously. Either way you can use “Power Bond” to Summon the ultimate Machine Fusion Monsters.

Another Elemental Hero joins the Duel with support for his comrades. A new rival has arrived, but you can master the Spiritual Arts of the elements and trap your opponent.

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Cybernetic Revolution
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