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Dark Revelations Vol.3

Dark Revelations Vol.3

Dark Revelations Vol.3
On Sale Now 18 January 2007
Booster release Reprint 5
Card number format DR3-EN
Cards in series ??
Common ? (11:1)
Rare ? (1:1)
Super Rare ? (1:6)
Ultra ? (1:12)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Revelation 3 is a reprint set designed to help new and experienced Duelist collect hard to get and out of print cards.

Dark Revelation 3 is perfect for duellists entering the world of yu-gi-oh trading card game and includes cards with improved clarified text. It also contains cards for expert duelists with extensive knowledge of the game.

Volume 3 combines the power of Soul of the Duelist, Rise of Destiny, Flaming Eternity, and The Lost Millennium into a single pack, combining both strategy and power with a little GX flare.

It contains cards from the sets Soul of the Duelist, Rise of Destiny, Flaming Eternity, and The Lost Millennium. Although this set contains cards that were from sets that had Ultimate Rare cards, there are no Ultimate Rare cards in this set. All packs contain 12 cards (one of which is Rare or higher).

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Dark Revelations Vol.3
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