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Elemental Energy

Elemental Energy

Elemental Energy stats
Release date 22 November 2005
Booster release 17
Card number format EEN-EN
Cards in series 60
Common 35 (8:1)
Rare 14 (1:1)
Super Rare 7 (1:6)
Ultra 4 (1:24)

Fuel your Duels with the infinite power of Elemental Energy, the newest booster for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. The Elemental Heroes expand with 2 new recruits, and 4 incredible Fusion Monsters to combine their best strengths! Monsters from the Dark World that won’t be easily dismissed by your opponent, await your command.

Elemental Energy will help the E-Hero to compete against Chaos and Phoenix decks. New cards will be E-Hero Shining Flare Wingman, E-Hero Rampart Gunner, E-Hero Tempester, and E-Hero Wild Jaggyman, plus an upgraded version of Pot of Greed from the card Jar of Avarice. Yugi's long awaited Jack's Knight, Queen's Knight, and King's Knight will also finally be released for the first time in English through Elemental Energy.

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Elemental Energy
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