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Metal Fight Beyblades - Starters

Metal Fight Beyblades

The latest MFB releases BB-70, BB-71, BB-72, BB-73, BB-74, BB-75, BB-76 and BB-77 have arrived!

A new range of beyblades has been released.

There is four parts that make up a Metal Fight Beyblade:

  • Face: Hexagonal disc that fastens the Beyblade together, similar to Bit Protector from the HMS. They feature graffiti-style illustrations on the top (i.e. Bull, Pegasus, etc).
  • Wheel: Main source of attack from a Beyblade; unlike HMS, the Wheel is completely made out of metal to compensate for the lack of a Weight Disk. They use various shaped protrusions to lower the spin velocity of an opponent. The Wheel is fundamentally the same as the Attack Ring from the HMS and plastic Beyblades.
  • Track: Taking a step backwards, MFB has separated the spin direction part from the bottom, thus turning it into two pieces again (as it was in the plastic generation). The height and spin direction of a Beyblade can be changed with this. Similar to Spin Gear from plastic Beyblades.
  • Bottom: The bottom of the Beyblade. It has interchangeable tips which the Beyblade spins on. Movement patterns can be altered with the differently shaped tips that can be used. It is similar to the Blade Base from plastic Beyblades or the Running Core from HMS.


There is four different types of MFBs:

  • Stamina
  • Balance
  • Attack
  • Defense

These can be easily compared to the types of the plastic generation, the only difference being that survival/endurance is being called stamina.

Size Difference

Metal Fight Beyblade's will be significantly smaller than plastic generation Beyblades, and slightly smaller than those of the HMS series. They generally come in 2 types, a starter pack which includes a launcher and a rip cord and a booster pack which contains only the blade itself.

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